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A Human App with super powers to help brands fight against their villains.
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About me

I look like a strategist, I feel like a strategist... Actually I am The Best Human Strategist App ever born. I've got a Cognitive Operative System designed to be more efficient, complex and business oriented than any other strategist you have worked with before. Try my three-step brain toolkit to create the best brand strategies, creative ideas and user experiences.

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  • My toolkit

    I help brands shape consumer behaviour
    Use me for strategic and tactical recommendations that help brands express their ideal point of view. In a world where people are looking for companies they trust and relate to, I help brands shape consumer behaviour in a way that will make them a clear leader in their field, all the while generating profit/value.

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  • My toolkit

    I let ideas take off
    Use me to combine existing ideas to create new and innovative concepts. In a world where people are constantly overloaded with non-stop information and stimuli, I help brands Inspire ideas that go beyond the traditional approach to craft a great story.

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  • My toolkit

    Design meaningful experiences for people
    Use me to create deep and compelling relationship between people, technology/media and brands. In a world where both consumers and media are networked, collaborative and interactive, I help brands steer behaviour.

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My features

See how well I fit with your needs. Consider these 10 things before you hire a strategist for the next few years

Switch on and discover

Use me wherever you work

With my Brain Operating System and coffee support I keep working even when you're sleeping. Whether you're at your desk, in a meeting or on a plane, I will be there. I am not saying that I have "no-life" I am just saying that I hacked the system so that my days have 36 hours and my weeks have 9 days!

Work fast, save time

I've got a 1 billion neuron processor. Each neuron forms about 1,000 connections and each connection holds a bit of information. Use it to drive client-marketing initiatives on a day-to-day basis and create up-to-date data in a very efficient way.

Connect with people

I text, I speak, I do video chats and my backup system uses information to produce a variety of reports. Share them with clients or internally to get feedback on how to keep your project going.

Collaboration is the key

My open-source software works with multiple people at the same time. I inform the creative process alongside creative directors and actively work with, account directors and account managers to ensure that all projects are properly addressed, on-time.

Save and organise all your data

I am designed to make your work more productive. With 2.5 petabytes (or a million gigabytes) of storage, you never have to delete anything, while a powerful search engine allows you to find what you need. I also label and filter to help you stay organised.

Usability is necessary

I have a user-friendly interface easy for clients to work with, in other words I am always positive and there is no subject under the sun that I cannot learn to love. Even if I am always smiling I also have a very helpful poker-face feature that you can activate in times of negotiation.

Compatibility is crucial

I run natively on both PC and Mac, and my files are compatible with Adobe, Office, Google apps, iWork, Axure and many other software.

Work with folks all over the globe

My Operative System is programmed to work in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

If style is an issue

Not to worry, I come in a very sleek design.

Improve every day

I am made to meet your needs with an automatic daily update system in order to improve my toolkits over time.

  • Case studies

    UNIQLO - from tokyo to paris


    To launch Uniqlo in Paris and generate traffic to the new flagship store. Everyone should be talking about it: in press, in street…


    There are hundreds of retail brands competing for Parisians’ attention, but few people have the key to unlock desirability. Establishing a new brand in Paris demanded to make trendsetters, early adopters and opinion leaders aware of Uniqlo through two parallel experiences: communication and retail.


    Communication: First we teased Parisians’ curiosity through a mysterious Logo Campaign that highlighted the brand’s Japanese identity. We then launched a second print campaign with an unconventional casting: 6 portraits of unique artists, all with very distinct backgrounds, but sharing Paris as a common link. They chose their own outfits in the Uniqlo Wardrobe and the shoot revolved around the concept of - We are celebrities, but we are people too! And finally we created a product campaign showcasing the breadth of the brand’s product portfolio, the quality of the materials and the everyday low price through Stacks of folded jeans and cashmere jumpers as displayed in stores.

    Retail experience: We introduced the brand’s essence to French journalists through a press trip to Japan. We opened a pop-up store in the heart of the trendy Marais neighbourhood of Paris, selected for its populations of both trendsetters and mass consumers. We partnered with the Parisian concept store Colette to develop a 'shop in shop' experience complete with a limited edition co-branded collection of cashmere jumpers baptized "From Tokyo to Colette". Finally we created a launch party in the flagship store with a mini concert by Swedish singer Lykke Li and a traditional sake barrel opening ceremony.


    This multi-faceted launch campaign generated incredible results: 800 people lined up in front of the store at any given time for 15 consecutive days! Brand image indicators went through the roof and sales results made competitors all the more envious, but above all, UNIQLO quickly became Parisians’ new favorite label.

  • Case studies



    For the International Year of Biodiversity, WWF needed to highlight the threats and consequences of Human behaviour on the health of the planet. The goal was to create a thought-provoking campaign to raise awareness and call people to action.


    Over the last 35 years biodiversity has declined by more than a 15%. The constant over-exploitation of the planet’s resources by mankind is threatening the livelihood of other species and endangering the possibility of sustaining life on earth. This was the kind of fact we knew would capture people’s minds, but not their hearts – much less their imagination. In order to surprise and reach people in an simple and emotional way we had to create a striking shortcut campaign linking human degradation to protected wildlife.


    Under the concept of “What will it take before we respect the planet?” we designed a TV, print and internet campaign depicting wild animals in their natural habitat tagged by graffiti paint in a bid to illustrate the deteriorating situation of nature by man. In order to support this campaign we also created an exhibition, an auction and a limited edition of the iconic WWF panda tagged.


    This campaign received a Cannes BRONZE LION and a Eurobest SILVER and the WWF cause was supported and shared massively online.

  • Case studies



    For the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, Ubisoft wanted to establish itself as the main editor of this new console. The goal was to highlight the Ubisoft dedicated line-up and at the same time broaden the appeal of the Nintendo 3DS without compromising the loyalty of devoted fans.


    Ubisoft had developed a specific line-up for the Nintendo 3DS launch. What better way to promote it than taking fans through an immersive Nintendo experience to discover the new line-up?


    We built a dynamic and sensorial interface where fans could switch on their webcam and control the interface with their body movements to experience the 3D aspects of the console and discover the brand line-up. The platform was supported by an online campaign to reach both hardcore and mainstream gamers.


    In 3 months the Ubisoft 3DS experience reached more than 270.000 visitors, the YouTube campaign generated over 240 million impressions and the Ubisoft website traffic increased by more than 50%.

  • Case studies



    Boost awareness of Boomerang TV and improve amongst kids the reputation of the network’s iconic cartoon characters (Garfield, The Pink Panther, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, etc).


    Far behind competition, Boomerang TV broadcasts iconic cartoons that encountered great success in the past, but that are no longer the superheroes of today’s kids. To stimulate Kids’ interest for these iconic characters we had to make them become super-heroes again by highlighting the unique characteristic they all had in common: they were all animals.

    Idea : UGC

    The Boomerang Academy, a “community” where kids showcase the lives and the world of their most loved friends, their pets. Each pet has his own profile, each profile has a specific personality and each personality is linked to a specific superhero. Every month there is a contest and a vote for “the best profile”. Those who win the contest are awarded a 15 min program on TV.


    One year after the launch the Boomerang Academy is now a significant asset for the brand and is used in every marketing and communication collateral. The website has more than 10.000 pet profiles, more than 16 000 photos and 350 videos. Every month the website generates 60.000 visits and Boomerang TV became the third largest audience on the market.


I am the sum of Lisbon, Paris and now London

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START - It all started with a train ticket! Hello Lisbon! AUG 2002 - Checked in to my four-year Design Degree @ Lisbon school of arts and design SEP 2004 - Signed my first contract as a Graphic Designer @ Simon Frederick OCT 2006 - Worked as a AD to @ TBWA Paris SEP 2007 - Met Inês, partner in life and dreams SEP 2008 - Checked in to my two-year Communication Masters @ SciencesPo Paris JUIN 2009 - Worked as a strategist at Surface @ Surface to Air Paris AUG 2010 - Worked as a strategist @ Ogilvy Paris NOV 2011 - Worked as a digital strategist and UX designer @ Abstrakt Paris DEC 2011 - Bob became part of the family FEB 2012 - Worked as digital strategist partner @ Landor Paris JUL 2012 - Worked as a digital strategist partner @ Future Brand Paris TODAY - I have just moved to London and am waiting for you to give me a try


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